Frequently Asked Questions for Members

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  1. What is the FSC general assembly?

    The FSC General Assembly brings together hundreds of leaders and decision-makers from Indigenous Peoples, environmentalists, businesses, and many others that make up FSC’s membership to discuss a responsible future for the world’s forests, and the people and animals who inhabit them. Members propose key changes to FSC policies through submitting, discussing, and voting on motions. They also participate in discussions on a range of topics aimed at finding solutions. ​

  2. Who attends the general assembly?

    All international members from the three FSC chambers (social, environmental, and economic), FSC staff and stakeholders. The GA is an assembly of companies, environmental organizations, civil society groups and individuals that come together with the full decision-making power of the FSC membership.

  3. Why attend the general assembly?

    The general assembly is FSC’s highest decision-making body, where key decisions that support a responsible future for the world’s forests, and the people and animals who inhabit them are made.

    Attending the FSC General Assembly gives attendees the opportunity to participate in or observe these discussions as well as the chance to meet hundreds of leaders and decision-makers from around the world.

  4. When does the general assembly take place?

    The general assembly typically takes place every three years. The original 2020 date was postponed, and the assembly split into two parts over 2021-2022:

    • Part one took place virtually in October 2021.
    • Part two took place from 09-14 October 2022.
  5. What happened at the 9th FSC General Assembly?

    • Presentation and voting on the remaining motions.
    • Side meetings on pre-determined topics. See the programme.
    • Conference with inspiring guest speakers.
    • Networking and relationship building


  6. What is a hybrid event?

    The 2022 FSC General Assembly took place as a hybrid event which included an in-person event with virtual components. Participants can choose to attend the event in-person in Bali, Indonesia or attend parts of the programme virtually. View the programme for more information.


  1. Who can register? 

    FSC international members, FSC global staff, certificate holders, media and other stakeholders.

  2. Is there a cost to participate?

    Yes, Fees for attending the event can be found on the registration page.

  3. Can someone attend the General Assembly on your behalf?

    • You can ask an international FSC member to be your proxy, and they will be able to vote on your behalf.
    • An international member can be a proxy for up to five organizational members and unlimited individual members.
    • View more information on the proxy process here or view a full list of FSC International members here.


  1. What is the significance of motions at the general assembly?

    Motions are proposals that members have put forward to make a change within FSC. Motions are discussed and debated with the global membership before being voted on at the general assembly. Read more about motions here.

  2. How many motions have been submitted?

    • Sixty-three motions were submitted following discussion and consultation between members in 2020 and 2021.
    • Nine of these motions were discussed and voted on during 2021.
    • 48 motions remain for discussion and voting during 2022.  
    • Members’ can view a list of the motions on the FSC Members' Portal
  3. How will the prioritization of motions work?

    In 2022, two prioritization exercises took place. 

    1. Motion discussion prioritization survey: A survey to prioritize policy motions for discussion prior to the general assembly in October 2022.

    2. Motion voting prioritization survey: A survey to prioritize the voting sequence of policy motions.

  4. Can motions be amended during the FSC General Assembly?

    No. The deadline for amendment of the motions was 02 September 2022.

    See key dates here.


  1. Who can vote?

    FSC international members of good standing are allowed to vote (members of good standing are those that have paid their membership fees prior to the general assembly).

  2. How does the voting take place?

    Voting during the FSC General Assembly 2022 took place through the FSC Voting App. Please find the instructions on how to download and use the voting app here.

    The voting application was made available for download through the following links:

  3. How does the voting process work?

    • Following the close of the debate of each motion, the Presiding Officer shall call for the vote.
    • At that time, all members eligible shall be invited to vote according to the voting procedure described in the approved GA Rules of Procedure which you can find on the FSC Members’ Portal  here.
    • When a motion is put to vote, the Presiding Officer will invite members to vote to indicate support (Yes) or opposition (No) to a motion, or their abstention.
    • The motion up for vote will be displayed on screen in English and Spanish.
    • Voting will remain open for 30 minutes. If after 30 minutes, we do not reach quorum, Members’ will be informed, and the voting period will be extended for 16 hours.
    • Five minutes will be allowed in-between the announcement of motions opened for voting.  This time will be for participants to prepare their voting applications to get ready for voting. A limited number of laptops will also be available in the room for those Members’ who do not have a personal device or who may experience issues with using their own devices to vote.
    • Once the five minutes is over, the next motion up for voting will be announced and the process will be repeated until the end of the Members’ Assembly session of that day.
  4. When will voting results be announced?

    Once the voting period closes and quorum is reached, the Secretariat will gather and maintain evidence of the electronic votes and will determine, with the assent of the Electoral Committee if the motions are, or not, approved.

    Motion voting results will be announced:

    • At the end of the Members’ Assembly Session - For motions that reach quorum during the Members’ Assembly
    • At the beginning of the Members’ Assembly Session - For motions where voting was extended from the previous day
    • The results for each motion will be displayed on the screen prior to being uploaded to the GA website Motion Outcomes page, and Members’ Motions Platform.
  5. How does quorum and voting power work?

    Quorum: Is calculated on the number of votes cast. Therefore, you must vote For, Against, or Abstain

    A quorum is: 50% + 1 of the members in good standing of each chamber

    An Affirmative Vote is a vote of: A simple majority of each chamber who voted plus 2/3 of all members who voted

    Abstentions count towards Quorum, but not in the calculation of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ overall vote

Frequently Asked Questions for Members
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