for members
FSC AC / Geoff Howe

Who can vote?

Only FSC members in ‘good standing’ are eligible to vote (members of good standing are those that have paid their membership payments in full prior to the General Assembly). If you are not, you can still observe the proceedings without voting. 

What is being voted on?

  • Statutory requirements: This includes approving the financial statements for FSC and approving the membership lists.  
  • Motions (Statutory + Policy Motions): Motions are proposals which members have put forward to make a change within the organization. Motions are  discussed and debated with the global membership before being voted on at the GA. 

How do I vote?  

FSC international members will be sent an email invitation to vote, along with voting instructions. The electronic ballot form will have the number and title of the motion as well as your membership details. You will be asked to tick a box to indicate whether your vote is ‘for’, ‘against’, or ‘abstention’ and then you click the button ‘SUBMIT’ to send your vote. If you are a proxy holder, the same process will apply.

When does voting take place?

  • Statutory requirements will be voted on from 25 August to 30 September  
  • Motions (Statutory + Policy Motions) will be voted on from 25 October to 30 November 2021 

Decisions made by consensus 

The General Assembly will strive to adopt decision by consensus. Consensus is defined as the absence of sustained opposition but does not require unanimity. In case of a vote, a decision is made when: 

  • A quorum of more than 50 per cent of the voting power of the members of each of the chambers referred to in the Statutes of the organization is present (either physically or by proxy), and; 
  • the affirmative vote of a simple majority of the voting power registered by members in good standing less votes abstaining in each chamber present at the time of the vote is reached, and; 
  • the affirmative vote of two thirds of the voting power of all members in good standing present at the time of the vote less votes abstaining is reached and this constitutes the absence of sustained opposition.