Proxies for Motions Voting

If you are unable to attend the General Assembly, you can select another member to vote on your behalf. 

A Member can only represent a maximum of five organizational Members that could be part of any of the 3 chambers, and a member can represent an unlimited number of individual Members who could be part of any of the three chambers. Members may also select the Secretary to carry their vote.  

Programme from FSC GA 2014
FSC AC / Juan Lopez

You can assign a Proxy via the FSC Events Portal. The FSC Events Portal is a web application for various FSC events. It allows you to register for an event or appoint a Proxy, create your own agenda and access the virtual sessions.

In order to assign a Proxy and access the FSC Events Portal, you must first activate your FSC Connect account. FSC Connect is the gateway portal that provides access to various FSC tools, content and data. It delivers centered, digital solutions to help you engage with FSC.   

If you have not activated your FSC Connect account yet, you need to start by doing so. Please check your email inbox for the email FSC has sent you, with the subject line "Action required: Activate your FSC Connect account to register for the FSC Virtual General Assembly 2021" and follow the steps described in the notification.

  1. Activate your FSC Connect account 

  2. Please login to FSC Connect and access FSC Events

  3. Assign a Proxy for the FSC Virtual General Assembly 2021