Mangroves and Other Diverse Landscapes as Opportunities for FSC impacts

Mangroves capture high levels of carbon as well as providing diverse products and services yet are under constant threat. Other vulnerable landscapes such as in semiarid regions are similarly at risk. By expanding the landscape approach to these marginalized forest ecosystems, FSC can contribute to bringing Nature based Solutions to ground halting climate change and enhance revenue for communities. Under sustainable management, mangroves provide many livelihood opportunities for local communities that can help to keep these valuable coastal ecosystems intact. A holistic approach to address land use mosaics will enable FSC to effectively widen its reach.

Monika Patel


Dr. Alan Smith

Dr. Alan Smith has a long career in natural resource management, beginning with research in the Pacific Islands. He then worked for the UK Government Tropical Products Institute, engaged mainly in market research including for non-timber forest products. Subsequently he undertook a managerial/technical advisory role in a Swiss-funded agricultural project in Pakistan, followed by 5 years as technical adviser in a community forest project in Bolivia.

Finally, after a short spell as a volunteer in China, Dr. Smith joined FSC International in charge of the Social Programme, later managing various national office-related donor funded projects, in the process assuming the function of Network Team Leader. Moreover, and specifically relevant to the side event, he designed, fund-raised for, and initiated the ForCES ecosystem services project. Since leaving FSC, Dr. Smith has undertaken a number of consultancy assignments related to natural resource management.

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday October 11

  • Time: 14:00 - 15:30

  • Room: Hibiscus & Frangipani  

  • Language: English

  • Format: Hybrid