How do investments in biodiversity, social aspects and carbon help mitigate the climate crisis we are in? And how can we get to a scale where the investments have an impact? In this brand-new episode of Forest for the Future we follow the entire value chain from forest to market.  

You will meet Juan Anzieta from the forest owning company Arauco – a company that has a history of investing in biodiversity and sees a financial opportunity in monetizing their care. You will also meet Juan Carlos Gonzalez Aybar from the Shared Wood Company – a company which is rooted in the aspirations of Robin Hood and who want to realize the true value for forests by securing investments and sustainable management. We also have Rhyannon Galea from Southpole, which develops carbon projects, shares the risk with the people providing the forests for carbon storage, and help companies figure out where to move first when they want to reduce their footprint and give back. And finally, we have Pina Gervassi from FSC International, who links all of this to the work that FSC is doing and explains how FSC hopes to be an enabler for impactful and verifiable climate investments in the future. 

In other words: if you want to dip your toes into understanding forest-based solutions, climate investments and how we get to true impact, episode 46 of Forest for the Future is a good place to start!   

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