The FSC General Assembly 2022 Poster Exhibition is a new addition to the General Assembly programme and provides an opportunity for members, researchers, practitioners, staff, and other participants or groups to present their ideas, research, or areas of interest and how they contribute to a responsible future of the world’s forests and the people and animals that inhabit them.   

For the first time, the General Assembly will occur in a hybrid format, with oral presentations happening in-person at the Westin Nusa Dua in Bali, Indonesia.  Please take the opportunity during the coffee breaks and between sessions to visit our poster exhibition on the first floor of the conference centre outside of the Nusantara Rooms. Posters and video presentations will also be made available online on for the duration of the General Assembly.  

Poster presentation topics to look forward to include:  

  • Forests with Barcode - Blockchain Project in Portugal 
  • Tracking our forests from space 
  • Forest certification is contributing to reverse cork oak woodland decline 
  • Media Analysis as a social monitoring tool for forestry 
  • Restoration of an FSC-certified forest area affected by Vaia storm  
  • FSC-certified forestry benefits large and threatened wildlife 

And much more!