The logo is made of three different parts representing the three FSC chambers and using the official colors assigned to each of them: green for the environmental chamber, red for the social one, and blue for the economic chamber. The position of the three chambers/parts also leaves nothing to chance: they form a triangle, which is usually seen as a symbol of powers. Simultaneously, the logo uses lots of curves and organic forms from nature: the three parts also represent trees and their branches. These trees interact together to build this strength, and therefore combine forces to deliver a result. Just like the three FSC chambers.


The circular shapes also refer to a mandala construction, directly linked to the Balinese culture. The word “mandala” comes from ancient Indian language of Sanskrit – meaning both “circle” and “center” – these magic circles are also very important in Bali culture. Balinese Hinduism – just like its Indian cousin – considers mandalas as a sacred representation of the world.
For Balinese, everything in life seems to come in threes and to move in circles. For example, time is considered as a circle of three: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

A dot representing a seed, or a drop, is the central starting point of each mandala. It is surrounded by lines and a triangular geometrical pattern – the different layers of the universe and their connections. The main circle surrounding the whole mandala design represents the enormity of the universe and the cyclical nature of life. Though it is not visible in our logo itself, it was used as a way to delimitate the three parts.

Since 2005, each FSC general assembly has had its own group of visuals. The aim is to ensure that each general assembly has a unique identity and that participants can easily identify all information related to the event.