Dear Members,

We wanted to begin by thanking FSC for the opportunity to be your regional membership coordinators. After what initially began as a short-term role to support the preparation process for the 2020 General Assembly, we were granted the opportunity to work with you for a full 3 years through both a virtual assembly in 2021 and this hybrid assembly in 2022.

"FSC created 6 regional coordination roles to represent each region where FSC is present for these coordinators to help keep members informed, supporting/facilitating the motions development process, and galvanizing cross-chamber dialogue" said Guillermina Garza, Membership Director of FSC International. “These roles were something the Secretariat and membership saw as a useful resource in supporting the membership in its journey towards a successful General Assembly”.

As regional coordinators, we learned along with you as we created this experience from scratch. There was no rule book, we developed methodologies, learned from our members and adapted as we went along to provide members with the opportunity to discuss motions, have dialogue not only in our respective regions but also cross globally and cross chamber.  

We are so pleased to have provided you with over 80 virtual meetings 5 hybrid regional meetings from 2021 to 2022.

As our roles come to an end after this GA, we hope that FSC will continue with regional coordination in preparation to all GA's forthcoming and we want to thank you the members for continually being engaged in the process, attending the calls - many at odd hours during the day and night – and helping us to provide you with the best experience possible. Today we say goodbye with the certainty that we are one FSC and that we are ultimately all working towards keeping our forests for all forever.

Thank you,

Aiysha Sileuw, Anna Jenkins, Leon Muba, Lev Fedorovich, Maria Ines Miranda, Monika Patel

regional coordinators