FSC Regenerative Natural Rubber

Rubber is used in many items of our daily lives, including shoes, tyres, footballs, condoms and even medical products. When it is not managed responsibly, it can have grave negative impacts on the environment, communities and workers' livelihoods.

To alleviate this risk, FSC is working with smallholders and communities to explore new options to make certification more accessible, enabling conditions for smallholder certification in new areas and coordinating with partners with those across the natural rubber product supply chain.

Join us for this side meeting to learn more about these initiatives.

natural rubber
Abhilash Jacob / Pixabay


Maiprae Loyen, AGRIAC Global Co.,Ltd

Passionate in Sustainability and Agriculture. Natural rubber is the expert area of work. Mastered the regulations of a well-recognized sustainability program and implemented it with pragmatic actions. More than decade of experience in the Natural Rubber business. Experiences are based on practical achievements and in-depth knowledge of Natural rubber From Farm to factory. Expertise is in the ability to transform the guideline and international organization expectation to upstream supply chain into pragmatic programs that work effectively for all parties.


Mohammad Zainuri Hasyim, Rainforest Alliance Indonesia

Mohammad Zainuri Hasyim, who more commonly goes by “Zen”, has experiences in community organizing with participatory approach, especially in research, training and facilitation on forest & fisheries issues. He is a good trainer for community and NGO staff in participatory training. Zen is team leader for the implementation of several programs. Having  mastered in forestry science, Zen is involved in community forest enterprises work. At international level, Zen also has been a presenter and lobbyer at events in several countries.

Event Details

  • Date: Friday 14 October

  • Time: 14:00-15:30

  • Room: Hibiscus (UPDATED)

  • Format:  In-person

  • Language: English