Cannot Attend the FSC General Assembly?

Members who cannot attend the FSC General Assembly may designate another member to vote on their behalf. 

For the FSC General Assembly 2022 members can designate another member to represent them during the members’ assembly from 09 October to 14 October 2022 and to vote on their behalf for statutory and policy motions. 

Programme from FSC GA 2014
FSC AC / Juan Lopez
Proxy Form_FSC_General_Assembly-2022
PDF, Size: 85.16KB

To appoint your proxy, download the proxy form and submit by 08 October 2022 by uploading the signed form to FSC Connect

You can find the updated list of members attending the GA on the Events Portal in FSC Connect under the proxy section. To submit your request, you need to select a member from the list, upload and send the completed form.   


  1. How do I assign a proxy?

    If you cannot attend the GA – please assign a proxy (attending either in-person on virtually) to vote on your behalf so that we are able to reach quorum. See how to designate a Proxy in the guidelines here.

  2. Who should I choose to carry my proxy?

    Any member in 'good standing' attending the GA in-person or virtually can carry proxies. Choose any member locally or globally. A proxy may also be given to a member from a different chamber.

  3. How many proxies can I carry?

    Members may be represented at any General Assembly by any other Member, designated in writing before two witnesses, on the understanding that at a specific General Assembly: (i) a Member can only represent a maximum of five organizational Members that could be part of any of the three chambers, and (ii) a Member can represent an unlimited number of individual Members who could be part of any of the three chambers.

  4. Can I provide a partial proxy?

    Once a member assigns a proxy to vote on their behalf, that proxy will be responsible to vote on behalf of member for the entire General Assembly.

  5. When do I have to submit my proxy?

    All proxies should be submitted in advance of the General Assembly and up to 08 October 2022. 

  6. Can I just pick someone and tell them to vote on my behalf?

    No, you must use the proxy form to formally submit the details of your proxy and this must be signed by two witnesses. 

  7. What if I am the representative of an organizational member, and I cannot attend. Can another employee be my proxy?

    Yes, another employee can be selected as a proxy. The other person from your organization must register. Once they do, you will see their name on the proxy list and can select them.

  8. What if I don’t know any other members?

    Members may also select the Secretary to carry their vote.