Motions are proposals for new work areas or improvements to the FSC system. They cover various aspects from how FSC operates to how to improve the market demand for FSC products. 

If your motions are voted on favourably at the general assembly, they will determine FSC’s future priorities. 


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There are two types of motions: 


  1. Statutory Motions: are proposed motions to amend the Statutes or Principles & Criteria.
  2. Policy Motions: are proposed motions to change FSC policies or operational procedures, including those related to achieving its mission and purpose.  

There are 48 motions up for discussion in 2022. 

2022 Motions

During the 2022 General Assembly Members will debate and vote on the remaining 48 motions. A full list of motions up can be accessed by members on Members Portal.

2021 Motions

During the virtual 2021-2022 General Assembly held in October 2021, members debated and voted on the following motions which were either passed for implementation or not. 

Motion # Motion Title Result
Motion 02 Change the frequency of FSC Ordinary General Assembly from 3 years to 4 years and spaces for member participation Not passed
Motion 03 Establishment of a system for virtual General Assembly to protect the continuous installation of the highest decision-making body and supreme authority of FSC  Not passed
Motion 04 Strengthening the Network by enhancing membership engagement in regional offices   Deferred to 2022
Motion 05 FSC International Performance   Deferred to 2022
Motion 11 Developing and applying social, environmental, and economic indicators for the implementation of the FSC Global Strategy Not passed
Motion 15 Sustainable Intensification  Deferred to 2022
Motion 20

Climate Emergency Motion  

Motion 24

FSC’s advocacy to promote forest management certification in tropical protected areas  

Not passed
Motion 36 Deletion of Criterion 5.3  Not passed
Motion 48 Streamline the Ecosystem Services procedure, incorporate more services and maximise its potential Passed
Motion 57 Expanding opportunities for remote FM and CoC auditing, beyond Covid, through a risk-based approach Not passed
Motion 61 Compile a digital map of FSC-certified forests worldwide Passed

To view full text of each motion, please log into the Members Portal


  1. Can I propose a new motion at the GA?

    No, additional motions cannot be proposed for submission to the 2022 General Assembly. 

  2. Can we amend motions from the floor during the debate?

    No, the deadline for amendment of the motions is 02 September 2022. See key dates here.

  3. How will the prioritization of the motions work?

    In 2022, two prioritization exercises will take place.  
    1. Motion discussion prioritization survey: A survey to prioritize policy motions for discussion prior to the general assembly in October 2022. 
    2. Motion voting prioritization survey: A survey to prioritize the voting sequence of policy motions.

  4. When is the deadline to amend motions?

    Motion proposers may submit amendments to their motions at anytime up to 02 September 2022.