From Myth to Reality, the Forest as a decent workplace!

Many young people dream of working outdoors and not being attached to a desk and what better place than a beautiful forest? But are forests the beautiful workplaces that some people dream of? With forestry as one of the most dangerous sectors to work in (according to the International Labour Organization -ILO) is the sector doing enough when it comes to Health and Safety? What benefits does FSC bring in terms of Health and Safety (H&S) outcomes and what does the upgrading of 2 H&S ILO conventions to “fundamental” status mean for FSC’s core labor requirements and workers rights?

FSC Denmark


Coen Van Der Veer, BWI

Coen started of his professional career as a biochemical analyst, working on the development of pregnancy tests and at quality assurance of the heparin production. In 1993 he was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the youth union, where his professional career in the trade union movement started. After several functions in a range of sectors, he was appointed as national negotiator for the wood sector in the Netherlands, and as representative to the European and Global federations for the same sector. From 2012 to 2014 he was seconded by the Dutch union to the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) in Geneva as Global Coordinator for the Wood and Forestry sector. In FSC he was active as the chair of the Standard & Policy Committee.  After a brief intermission in the Netherlands as Secretary-Treasurer for the newly merged FNV, a union with 1 million members covering all sectors in the Netherlands, he resigned in April 2019 to become the Global Director for Wood and Forestry for BWI and the representative to FSC International.  


Dafne PapandreaILO Labadmin/OSH Branch

After a M.A. in Human Rights and a Master in Occupational Safety and Health, in 2014 she started working with the ILO. She contributed to the organization of several World Day for Safety and Health at Work campaigns, including drafting the global reports. She supported the ILO work in different areas related to safety and health at work, developing reports, guides, awareness raising materials, trainings and practical tools.


Ivone Namikawa, Klabin

Ivone Namikawa is member of the FSC AC Board of Directors. She works in Forest Sustainability at Klabin SA in Brazil. She plays a leading role in the company’s local, regional and global engagement with non-governmental organizations and sector associations, and represents Klabin also in TFD (The Forest Dialogue) and IBA (Brazilian Tree Industry). Previously, she worked for Klabin as Tree Breeding Specialist and as Forest Research and Environment Coordinator. She holds a BSc in Forestry from Sao Paulo University (ES-ALQ-USP) and an MSc in Forestry from the Federal University of Paraná.

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  • Date: Wednesday 12 October

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