Innovations for co-creating climate solutions – a market perspective

The primary objective of the event is to discuss the different mechanisms that FSC can activate to connect with Ecosystem Services markets, such as the FSC Ecosystem Services (ES) Procedure as a mechanism to implement net-zero or neutrality targets. The event will showcase successful implementation cases for FSC Ecosystem Services, a proposal for an integrated business model  for scaling up the outreach and value proposition of the ES procedure. 


Juan Andrés Anzieta, Arauco

Juan Andrés Anzieta represents ARAUCO, a Chilean Company that is a member of FSC Chile and FSC International. Currently Head of Environmental Management in Arauco, he owns a Forestry degree from Austral University in Chile and an M.B.A. from the Catholic University in Chile. He is also certified in Psychology of Leadership by Cornell´s University Johnson School of Management. He has worked in different areas of management and administration as well as communications and public affairs inside Arauco for almost 20 years. He has been part of the Chilean FSC board for the last 3 years and has been involved with SIAG (Sustainable Intensification Advisory Group) since it was established as a group in 2018.


Lucio Brotto, Etifor

Lucio Brotto holds a PhD in Forest Economics and is specialised in connecting FSC certified forests with ecosystem services sponsors. He has experience in more than 20 countries spanning from Europe, South America, Africa and South East Asia. Lucio is co-funder of Etifor, a private company based near Venice (Italy) skilled in valuing nature. Since 2018 Etifor has raised and spent more than 5 millions of euro in FSC certified forests across the globe to support ecosystem services verified according to the FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure.


Nelly Arroyo, Allpabambú

Nelly Arroyo, with training and experience in Administration, is manager of Allpabambú, the first company in Ecuador that in 2018, with support from FSC International and the office in Ecuador, achieved a group certification of 140 ha of bamboo, and was a pioneer in the application of the Ecosystem Services Procedure in the maintenance of Water Sources, making this initiative a learning scenario for small producers of Bamboo and Balsa in the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas, where there is the presence of this species. 

Nelly, a member of the Social Chamber, chairs the Board of Directors of CEFOVE-FSC Ecuador and from this space her main objective is to generate, through Ecosystem Services, sponsorships that allow small producers like her to cover the costs of certification, to benefit other communities, building alliances with companies committed to conservation.

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday 11 October 

  • Time: 14:00-15:30

  • Room: Nusantara 1 & 2  

  • Format: Hybrid

  • Language: English, French, Spanish