Improving sustainability of Forest Management

Sustainable Forest Management promotes the good management of Non-Timber Forest Products. During this session, we will share the collaborative efforts of IKEA, WWF and local community groups to maintain forests and rattan by strengthening the role of rattan farmers who use FSC standards as well as commitments to protect the forest itself.  

Pexels - Dominika Roseclay


Danang Ari Raditya, IKEA

Danang Ari Raditya is currently IKEA Southeast Asia and South Asia Forestry Manager, based in Tangerang, Indonesia. In his role, Danang covers countries where IKEA at present is purchasing home furnishing products. Main responsibility is to support business in the regions in securing compliance with IKEA Forestry requirement, legality, traceability, and other sustainability requirements on wood and other materials; and establishing continuous and long-term access to sustainably sourced wood at lowest costs. Danang also coordinates IKEA funded forestry projects with external organizations to improve the responsible forest management in the regions.


Aditya (Dito) Bayunanda , WWF Indonesia

Aditya Bayunanda (Dito) joined WWF-Indonesia since 2009. Currently, Dito serves as Conservation Director/Interim CEO WWF Indonesia. Previously, Dito was the Head of Climate and Market Transformation Program. Dito was born in Yogyakarta, May 31, 1975, has an educational background of Bachelor of Forestry from Gadjah Mada University and completed his Postgraduate Education in the Department of Business Management at the Bogor Agricultural University. Previously held various managerial positions including Global Forest Trade Network Indonesia Manager, Pulp and Paper Manager, Heart of Borneo’s Thematic Leader for Sustainable Business and Forest Based Commodities Strategic Leader. Apart from being identical as an environmental activist and being involved as a member of the International Working Group at FSC and HCSA, Dito is also interested in politics and government.

Rattan Farmers Association

Oskar N. Sukah,  Rattan Farmers Association

Oskar N. Sukah is one of the founders of the Katingan Rattan Farmers Association. He dedicated his time to help strengthening the capacity of rattan farmers and facilitate many trainings for forest and sustainable rattan management. As chairman of the farmers' association from 2015-2021, Oskar lead an inventory and mapping rattan plantation ownership to prepare a well-managed rattan forest development system. The mapped rattan distribution area is 30,126 hectares and is used as a community rattan management area in six sub-districts spread across 21 villages, currently they manage 1,098.24 hectares of FSC certified gardens with 242 members of rattan plantation owners.

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday 11 October

  • Time: 14:00 - 15:30

  • Room: Jakarta 

  • Language: English

  • Format: Hybrid