Programa de acceso para pequeños propietarios

Amy Clark Eagle (FSC US, Director of Science & Certification),
Rosario Galán (FSC IC, Community and Family Forests Manager)

Smallholder Access Program.pdf
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Póster: Programa de acceso para pequeños propietarios: prueba piloto favorable de una solución innovadora para involucrar a los pequeños propietarios en la certificación de manejo forestal FSC

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In 2017, Rainforest Alliance approached FSC International and FSC US with an innovative streamlined smallholder certification concept which was developed in partnership with FSC certificate holders and other stakeholders. The Smallholder Access Program (SAP) pilot was initiated in 2019 to evaluate the streamlined concept in South and Central Appalachia (United States). This region provided a perfect testing area with its biodiversity-rich forests, and low levels of risk for some elements of responsible forest management.

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