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As an FSC International member, you are part of the backbone of our organization. Your active participation in the general assembly is crucial.

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Motions and Members’ Portal

Submit your motions for the FSC General Assembly 2021 directly online through our Motions Platform 2021 in the FSC Members’ Portal. If you cannot access the Portal, please contact us:

The Members’ Portal contains useful information for members planning to attend the GA, for example:

Meet your coordinators

Regional coordinators have been appointed to support the preparation process for the upcoming General Assembly (GA), by helping to keep members informed, supporting/facilitating the motions development process, and galvanizing cross-chamber dialogue. Find out how to get in touch with your coordinator here.

  1. Africa

    Name: Leon Muba


  2. Asia-Pacific

    Name: Aisyah Sileuw


  3. CIS Countries

    Name: Lev Fedorovich


  4. Europe

    Name: Anna Jenkins


  5. Latin America

    Name: María Inés Miranda


  6. North America

    Name: Monika Patel


PDF, Size: 147.25KB


The purpose of the protocol for the FSC general assembly of members is to provide a structure for conducting the business portion of the meeting of the general assembly, with particular attention to the procedures governing debate and voting on motions.

This protocol is designed to ensure the efficient and timely running of the general assembly. Once approved by the general assembly, the Chairperson of the FSC Board of Directors or the Presiding Officer is authorized to ensure its implementation, while respecting the authority of the general assembly as the ultimate decision-making authority of the organization.

FSC GR 2.0 - Final report and recommendations.pdf
PDF, Size: 6.34MB

Governance Review 2.0 – Final Report and Recommendations

The purpose of Governance Review 2.0 is to identify weaknesses in FSC’s governance based on input from its stakeholders, and to develop ideas on how to improve its governance.


PDF, Size: 195.46KB

Governance Review 2.0 – First Set of Actions to Implement the Recommendations

The Board Governance Committee (BGC) discussed the Governance Review 2.0 report and proposed a set of immediate follow-up actions that was approved by the FSC International Board of Directors. This document describes the approved follow-up actions to Governance Review 2.0, and Annex 1 provides references to the specific recommendations of Governance Review 2.0 that the actions are meant to implement.

2019.10.07_FSC GA 2020 ToR Motions Committee_ENG.pdf
PDF, Size: 240.04KB

Terms of Reference for the FSC General Assembly 2021 Motions Committee

The FSC Motions Committee acts on behalf of the FSC Board of Directors with respect to all matters related to the evaluation, refining as appropriate, acceptance and rejection of motions proposed to the general assembly.

2019.07.22_ToR for Regional Coordinators.docx
DOCX, Size: 619.01KB

Terms of Reference for the FSC Regional Membership Coordinators

The FSC Regional Membership Coordinators will support the Secretariat in the preparation of the upcoming general assembly. Their role includes keeping members informed, supporting/facilitating the motions development and discussion process and galvanizing cross-chamber dialogue between members in North America, Latin America, Europe & CIS, Asia Pacific or Africa.

More information relevant for our members will be coming soon!