Observer taking notes during GA 2014
FSC AC / Juan Lopez

General Information

  1. What is the General Assembly?

    Held every three years, FSC’s General Assembly brings together many hundreds of leaders and decision-makers from Indigenous Peoples, environmentalists, businesses, and many others that make up FSC’s membership. The purpose is to discuss a responsible future for the world’s forests, and the people and animals who inhabit them.

  2. When does it take place?

    The General Assembly typically takes place every three years. However, for this upcoming assembly, it has been postponed from the original date in 2020. It will now be split into two parts: a virtual assembly in 2021 and an in- person assembly in 2022 (or as soon as possible after this) in Bali, Indonesia.

  3. Why should I attend the General Assembly?

    The General Assembly is FSC’s highest decision-making body – meaning that key decisions related to the organization are made here. Attending the assembly gives members an opportunity to participate in this decision-making process as well as meeting hundreds of leaders and decision-makers from around the world.

  4. Who attends the General Assembly?

    All international members from the three chambers (social, environmental, and economic), FSC Staff and stakeholders. So, the GA is an assembly of companies, environmental organizations, civil society groups and individuals that come together with the full decision-making power of the FSC membership. 

  5. Will there be simultaneous translation? 

    Yes, all events will have simultaneous translation into English/Spanish/French. This includes during the members assembly and high-level conference sessions, as well as during chamber and cross-chamber meetings.

About Registration

  1. Who can register? 

    FSC international members, FSC global staff, certificate holders, and other stakeholders.

  2. When will registration begin? When will it close? 

    • Registration for the virtual assembly taking place on 25–29 October 2021 will begin two weeks prior, and will remain open until 29 October. 
    • Registration for the in-person assembly 2022 will be announced later. 
  3. Do I need to register twice (once for the virtual assembly in 2021 and again for the in-person assembly in 2022)? 

    Yes, you will need to register separately for both events. 

  4. Is there a cost to participate?

    The registration for the virtual assembly taking place 25–29 October 2021 will be free of charge. 

    The registration fee for the in-person assembly in 2022 will be announced later.